New records and updated distribution of Myopa metallica Camras 1992 (Diptera: Conopidae: Myopinae) in Chile by using integrative collection methods

  • Rodrigo M. Barahona-Segovia Laboratorio de Ecología de Ambientes Fragmentados, Universidad de Chile
  • Laura Pañinao-Monsálvez Facultad de Ciencias Forestales, Universidad de Concepción
  • Matías Barceló Laboratorio de Conservación Biológica, Universidad de Chile


Myopa metallica Camras1992 is a parasitic fly, endemic to Chile, whose distribution was unknown. In this study, four new localities are reported between the Atacama and Metropolitan regions using citizen science. Our work breaks down the methodological barriers, providing a distribution for a rare and conspicuous thick-headed fly.

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