Ectoparasites of the endemic rodent Abrocoma bennetti (Hystricomorpha: Abrocomidae) from semiarid Chile

  • Andrea Paz Yáñez-Meza
  • Lucila del Carmen Moreno Salas Universidad de Concepción
  • Carezza Botto-Mahan


A total of 13 individuals of the Abrocoma bennetti rodent were captured and 354 ectoparasites belonging to 10 different species were collected and analyzed. The most abundant species was a Phithraptera, Monogyropus longus (62%), followed by Siphonaptera Delostichus smiti (23%). In this study Gyropus distinctus (15%) is reported as new record for A. bennetti, previously described for Octodon degus, a rodent usually living in sympatry with A. bennetti. For the first time the mites Ornithonyssus sp. and Androlaelaps fahrenholzi are recorded in this rodent species.

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