Evaluation of the environmental niche of Lycalopex fulvipes (Darwin’s fox) and the incidence of climate change on its geographic distribution

  • Camila Molina Laboratorio de Ecoinformatica, Universidad Austral de Chile
  • Andrea Castillo Laboratorio de Ecoinformatica, Universidad Austral de Chile
  • Horacio Samaniego Universidad Austral de Chile
Keywords: models of distribution species, environmental niche, climate change


The distribution of the Darwin fox (L. fulvipes) between the Bío-Bío and Aysénregions in Chile was modeled under two future climate scenarios (RCP2.6 and RCP8.5). The most optimistic RCP2.6 model predicts an increase in the range of distribution, contrary to the RCP8.5 model, which shows local extinctions, but habitats gains in areas where this species has not been registered. The results are evaluated with respect to the system of protected areas for this endemic and endangered species in the southern cone of South America.

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