Discovering new floral visitors of four Chilean endemic orchids


native insects
Maule Region


Orchidaceae is a diverse group with conservation issues all over the World. Due to its endangered situation, knowledge about its reproductive biology is needed to plan conservation strategies. We conducted a study during October 2016 and October 2017 in Maule region, Chile, and discovered the following unreported interactions: Colletes seminitidus Spinola and Astylus trifasciatus Guér. transferring pollen from Bipinnula fimbriata; Centris nigerrima (Spinola) transferring pollen from Chloraea bletioides; Cadeguala occidentalis (Haliday) flower-visiting Chloraea gavilu; Centris cineraria Smith and Megachile saulcyi Guérin-Méneville transferring pollen from Gavilea venosa.


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